Preventing the Troubled Teen Industry

by Serina81

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Now I See A Person Institute attempts to prevent the Troubled Teen Industry though strength based therapy of what is right rather than wrong, using a nurturing environment of a horse ranch, using genuinely caring therapists who have the time to listen (not tell you what is wrong but listen to the traumatized), using horses as co-therapists to provide safe conversations of trauma while petting nurturing horses who care to listen too, and slowing adding the clients community of support (parents, family members or who you chose) to not only heal, find new self identify but find that empowerment that each person has but possibly misplaced due to past therapies, institutionalizations, hospitalizations or psychiatric interventions which unfortunately did not help. At Now I See A Person Institute we see you as a Person and not a Label that may have defined you in the past. Our team of therapists both human and equine provide the nurturance and normalcy to transform, sometimes for the first time in many years.





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